• How to build a digital presence

    and keep your sanity

  • Who YOU are

    Are you a small business, motivational speaker, coach, or purpose-driven entrepreneur?

    Are you looking for effective marketing ideas and strategies that WORK for you? And you also don't want to take sh*t loads of courses on how to build your own course on how to build another useless course.

    You are just a normal person, who wants to grasp some general concepts on how things work online.


    This is why we are here.


    We have been trying to wrap our heads around this whole digital thing for more than 5 years to make things easier for ourselves.


    And we invite you to join us.

    Here is why:

    WhySoDigital has a mission to help talented and purpose-driven individuals, who want to find their voice to be able to connect with their audiences.


    We are not selling anything.


    We are sharing some simple ideas about how to navigate in this big and exciting digital world and not to drown in the ocean of endless suggestions and concepts.


    We want to keep it simple for you and also make it fun!

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