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    We are sharing some ideas and case studies about what's happening in the digital world

    Topics we are currently focusing on:

    Business and Marketing strategy

    Differentiate or die!

    How to navigate your business through the rapidly changing online environment to find your voice, your ideal customer and generate sales for your business

    Research and case studies

    Do your homework

    No one loves doing boring research and market analysis, we do! Don't start your business without studying your market, your competitors and your customer behaviour.

    Work the System

    Done is better than good. Done with good systems in place is even better

    Let's look at those spreadsheets, templates, job descriptions, apps, project management tools that can help you drive your project!


    Become a unicorn!

    How to stand out from the crowd, find our voice and create a great brand.

    Social media marketing

    Social Media Marketing is the new black

    66% of your business success depends on your presence in social media. Consistency, unique style and engaging content. Let's look at some cool ideas and tools.

    Email marketing

    Oh, c'mon!​

    Your emails must be as exciting as your brand!

    Whether you need emails that go from your heart (and sell your stuff) or authentic transactional, automatic emails (that sell your stuff too) - you need to learn how to do it.

    Web design

    Create a killer website or landing page and pay next to nothing?

    We don't need to explain to you why you need a simple, clean website with a friendly user interface! We will do our best to give you some great examples and ideas.

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