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    Everything you need to grow your business and stay sane

  • Kick off your business or

    take it to the next level

    The digital marketing landscape can be overwhelming, so we are here to help!

    We love keeping it simple!

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    Your brand is your voice!

    Building a strong brand is the key for any business. Find your voice, your ideal customer and create your Vision, Mission and Values!

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    Head Hunting, Recruitment, Team Planning and Organisational Culture Training

    Build your dream team!

    Let us find the best talent for you, so you could focus on making your best employees even better—and the least of them better than they ever thought they could be.

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    Business Strategy

    Roadmap to success

    If you don't have a strategy you don't have a business. We help you create a step-by-step roadmap for your business and help you set and achieve your goals.

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    Work the System

    Done is better than good. Done with good systems in place is even better

    Let's set up all those spreadsheets, templates, job descriptions, apps, online stores, project management tools and CRM systems to keep your business running smoothly

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    Market Research

    We'll do your homework

    No one loves doing boring research and market analysis, we do! Don't start your business without studying your market, your competitors and knowing your customers' behaviour!

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    Social media marketing

    Social Media Marketing is the new black

    66% of your business success depends on your presence on social media. Consistency, unique style and engaging content is a full-time job. We will take care of your social media and set up all the campaigns necessary for your business

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    Email marketing

    Yes, it is still one of the best tools!

    Your emails must be as exciting as your brand!

    Whether you need emails that go from your heart (and sell your stuff) or authentic transactional, automatic emails (that sell your stuff too) - you need to learn how to do it. Our open rates are more than 40%, conversion - average 3,1%.

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    Web design

    Have a killer website and landing pages that sell!

    We don't need to explain why you need a simple, clean website with a friendly user interface! We have the best experts in our team to create stunning websites!

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    Videography and video editing

    Creative, fresh, funny or elegant videos reflecting your brand

    We create high-quality videos to elevate brands and engage with the audience

  • New Service!

    VIP DAY | 6-hour strategy session for busy entrepreneurs

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    Not sure where to start?

    Book a free 15-minute consultation and let's figure this out together!