• VIP Day - Maria Curau

    A 6-hour Interactive Private Strategy Session for Small Business Owners

  • What's a VIP Day?


    VIP DAY is a 6-hour private Interactive Business Strategy Session for small business owners to help them deconstruct their current business challenges, identify clear goals, and design a realistic action plan.

    What's Included:

    • Analysis of the current business setup;
    • Identification of the ultimate challenges, pain points, and opportunities:
    1. Profit Centers;
    2. Current product range, (SKUs and services), and potential products/services to launch in the near future;
    3. B2B/B2C options;
    4. Cost Analysis/potential cost optimization;
    5. Analysis of International Business Setup;
    6. Future Markets;
    7. Identifying how Stock Management should work;
    8. Systems Integration needed;
    9. Amazon VS Shopify;
    10. Identification of the resources/talent needed;
    11. Identifying Marketing and PR goals;
    12. Customer journey/User Experience mapping ideas;
    13. Legal: trademarks, certification, etc;
    14. Reporting;
    15. Launch campaigns (when and how/what's needed);
    • Realistic business goals for the next 6 and 12 months;
    • Roadmap and milestones to achieve the new goals;
    • Business Model Canvas. 

    Strategy Report

    - Based on the live session, you will receive a full report (Business Strategy) and recommendations for the execution team (within 48 hours after the live session);


    - Interactive Brainstorm and Q&A session

    - White Board;

    - Business Model Canvas;


    - 2 Wealth Dynamics Test and Entrepreneurial Style consultation for Tati and Luciano;

    - Free Strategy Implementation Session for the Team;


    - All information provided during the session will remain confidential. An NDA will be signed prior to the meeting.

  • Structure

    Session Rundown 

    (each session includes a 10-15 mins break) 


    White Board

    Q&A session to identify the main goals, blind spots, challenges, and opportunities.

    1,5 hours


    Business Model Canvas

    The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template used for developing new business models and documenting existing ones. It offers a visual chart with elements describing a company's or product's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances, assisting businesses to align their activities by illustrating potential compromises.

    1,5 hours


    Lunch Break

    Food for Thought

    30 mins - 1 hour


    Business Model Canvas Part 1

    Session continues

    1,5 hours


    "Eating the Elephant"

    A creative exercise to design a roadmap to achieve the ultimate business goal.

    1,5 hours


    Session Report

    A business Strategy Report with recommendations for the execution will be submitted within 48 hours after the session.


    Team Session (bonus)

    The session with the team will be held based on the approved strategy.

    2 hours

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    About the Facilitator

    Dinara Tagirova is the Founder of WhySoDigital (PT WhySoDigital Consulting Asia). She is a business strategy and marketing consultant with 20+experience in the following industries:
    • Restaurant Management and Consulting;
    • Retail and Store Management (national and international retail chains);
    • FMCG - Cosmetic Products Distribution (L'Oreal/Garnier/Maybelline New York);
    • Commercial Property and Facility Management and Marketing (Shopping Malls and Multi-Functional Centers);
    • Film-making and distribution;
    • International Sports Events Organisation and Project Management (Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games);
    • Digital Marketing, Branding;
    • Management of Coworking Spaces;
    • Wellness Hospitality;
    • International Business Development and Sales;
  • Your Investment 

    100% money-back guarantee

    VIP DAY | Business Strategy Session | 6 Hours

    VIP DAY | Business Strategy Session | 6 Hours

    A 6-hour private Business Strategy Session for busy entrepreneurs to help them deconstruct their current business challenges and transform them into an exciting action plan.
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