• We are Digital Nomads

    located in different parts of this planet, we are different,

    but we have one thing in common - we want to make a change!

  • Our Top Notch Team

    We are the world!


    Finance and Systems ​

    Made all the way up to the

    Top of Wall Street.

    Irresistibly smart.

    New York, USA


    Intuitive Marketer

    Thinks big. Managed shopping malls, organized Winter Olympics in Russia, founded WhySoDigital.

    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


    Conscious Business Strategist

    Encourages communities and individuals to create conscious, purpose-driven businesses.

    Krasnoyarsk, Russia


    ...and the Mechanics​

    Built a successful online business, automatized it, sold it.

    Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Visual Design Queen​

    Russian-Cuban Mix of endless art, beauty and creativity

    Ekaterinburg, Russia


    Web Design Guru

    Fast. Humble. Able to Wordpress with his eyes closed

    Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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