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  • Dear creator!

    My name is Dinara, I am the founder of Why So Digital. I am originally from Russia, but I have been living in Bali, Indonesia for more than 7 years.
    I created Why So Digital in 2016 when I was working as a freelance digital producer and a marketer for a few creative individuals (networking specialists, business trainers, coaches and a holistic doctor), and I originally planned to do it as a blog/vlog about so called "digital nomads".
    Fast forward 5 years later I decided to use this name for my new business, a digital marketing and business consulting agency to help purpose-driven individuals start and manage their business without being overwhelmed, because, let's be honest, marketing and running a business can be stressful, especially when you are the one who is supposed to create, inspire your audience, invent new products and services and don't have time and enough skills to figure out how to market yourself and create awareness about your brand.
    This is why we are here. Our international team consists of passionate, creative, out-of-the box thinkers who can help you launch and scale your small and medium human-centered business.
    Get in touch and let's make your business work for you!

  • Our Experts

    These people will take your business to the next level

    Dinara Tagirova

    Founding Director of

    Why So Digital

    Business Development and Sales, Business Consulting, Wellness Hospitality Management, Digital Marketing

    Elena Pasechnik

    Business Navigation and Marketing Consultant

    Building Productive Teams, Business Systems from A to Unicorn, Effective Administration and Team Management

    Oumnia El Khazzani

    Branding and Commercial

    Strategy Consultant

    Strategic vision and planning, effective business models, commercial plan & launching.

    Linda Bezdekova

    Business Essentials

    for Online Coaching and Consulting

    Workbooks, social media and newsletter templates, back end setup: payments portals and automation

    Daria Mezhetskaya

    Graphic Designer

    Art Director

    Brand Identity, Brand Books,

    Creative Art Illustration,

    Graphic Design

    Antia Pansy

    Market Research and Hospitality Management Wizard

    Coworking, Hospitality Management, Events Management, Marketing Research and Social Media Marketing

    Rudi Arsana

    Web Development Ninja

    Graphic and UX Designer

    Personal and Company Websites, E-Commerce, Shopify, Marketing CRM and Web Hosting Setup

    Stevanda Rantung

    Business and Social Media


    Social Media Look and Feel, 

    Social Media Management, Content Creation and Strategy

    Primy Jeils

    Business Architecture, Company Culture and Systems

    Business Strategy implementation, Standard Operational Procedures, Organisational Structure and Culture

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